Our Spofford Lake Rental is Special

There are several decent places to rent on Spofford Lake. We offer something different-- a luxurious, fully renovated and stocked, lake front house with many amenities. Big, open and immaculate rooms overlook Spofford Lake and the mountainous watershed surrounding one...

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Pierce Island State Park on Spofford Lake

Our rental house on Spofford Lake looks directly at this state park in Spofford Lake. Pierce Island State Park is a 5 acre island 1/4 mile from the state boat landing on South Shore Rd.. This park is popular because folks drive their boats or bring their kyaks or...

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Our 2nd Season– Spofford Lake rental

Last summer was our inaugural season for renting our house at 41 South Shore Rd on pristine Spofford Lake. Over the years we renovated the house with the idea that it would be our permanent home. Then we decided to buy a rather large farm house on 8 acres across the...

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Spofford Lake Rental