Our 2nd Season– Spofford Lake rental

Jul 21, 2022 | General

Last summer was our inaugural season for renting our house at 41 South Shore Rd on pristine Spofford Lake.

Over the years we renovated the house with the idea that it would be our permanent home.

Then we decided to buy a rather large farm house on 8 acres across the lake.

Rather than sell our house at 41 South Shore Rd (people keep asking to buy), we decided to keep and do short-term rentals. We love the place and are big fans of Spofford Lake, and, of course, Cheshire County. It’s a fabulous part of the country.

At the current time we are only able to rent from Saturday to Saturday. The reason is cleaning. It’s difficult to find reliable cleaners who do the kind of job we want done. By planning a regular Saturday cleaning, we have been able to utilize an excellent cleaning company. It’s not an on and off thing, and everybody can plan accordingly. It’s imperative that each renter have an immaculately cleaned house.

Our goal is to provide the kind of place that we expect when we travel. I don’t mind paying the price for a top-notch vacation rental, but I don’t want to be nickeled and dimed and it better be very clean.

Without exception every one of our guests has commented on how clean and stocked our rental is and what a great place it is.

One guest who stays at nice places around the globe says our place is among the best.

That’s our goal.

Hope we can accommodate you and your family.


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