Very High Praise— again— for our Spofford Lake Rental House

Aug 19, 2022 | Reviews

Our most recent guests leave today, and this family is very sad to go. They told me that our house here on Spofford Lake was better stocked than the Waldorf in Rome, Italy where they visited not long ago. She was not kidding. One of the sons is known for being very picky and he loved the place. We take pride in our rental house and want all our guests to have a first-class experience. It is a very live-able, comfortable house. Although we provide many amenities, and the house is top-of-the line, it is– above all– a place to relax and enjoy. Wide open rooms open up toward the lake. It is a casual place designed to be used and enjoyed. We love the rental at 41 South Shore Rd, Spofford, NH.; it was our home. Now we want you to enjoy it too.

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